IAOPC 2022

The results of the IAOPC will be published on the official website of the competition on Novembre 13, 2022.

The First Prize Assoluto winners with the highest mark not lower than 95/100 in his/her category will receive a diploma and one of the following scholarships:

Cat. Prime note online € 50,00
Cat. A online
€ 80,00
Cat. B online
€ 100,00
Cat. C online
€ 150,00
Cat. D online
€ 200,00
Cat. E online
€ 250,00
Cat. F online
€ 300,00
Cat. G online
€ 350,00

The videos of the First Prize Assoluto winners will be posted on the YouTube channel of the Amadeus Competition.

First Prize winners (mark from 95 to 99/100): first prize diploma
Second Prize winners (mark from 90 to 94/100): second prize diploma
Third Prize winners (mark from 85 to 89/100): third prize diploma
Fourth Prize winners (mark from 80 to 84/100): fourth prize diploma
All other contestants will receive a participation diploma

The diploma will be emailed to each candidate in high resolution PDF format by December 15, 2022.

The jury has the right to give ex-aequo prizes in all categories. In that case the scholarship will be equally split between the winners.

At the end of the competition a vocal feedback, in Italian or English, from the jurors about the performance can be requested by the candidates.


  • Iscrizione gratuita, offerta ai primi assoluti di ogni categoria, alla prossima edizione dell’IAPC 2023 e del Premio Amadeus 2023

  • Premio Didattica, conferito all’insegnante con il maggior numero di allievi premiati

  • Lezioni online gratuite (2 lezioni da 60 minuti ciascuna) offerte dal M° Alberto Nosè (ad uno dei vincitori delle Cat. E, F e G) e dalla Prof.ssa Valentina Fornari (ad uno dei vincitori delle Cat. B, C e D)