IAPC 2023

The First Prize Assoluto winners with the highest mark not lower than 95/100 in his/her category will receive a trophy, a diploma and one of the following scholarships:

Cat. Prime note € 80,00

Cat. A € 120,00

Cat. B € 150,00

Cat. C € 200,00

Cat. D € 300,00

Cat. E € 400,00

First Prize winners (mark from 95 to 99/100): trophy and diploma
Second Prize winners (mark from 90 to 94/100): medal and diploma
Third Prize winners (mark from 85 to 89/100): medal and diploma
Fourth Prize winners (mark from 80 to 84/100): diploma
All other contestants will receive a participation diploma

The jury has the right to give ex-aequo prizes in all categories. In that case the scholarship will be equally split between the winners.


  • Public Prize offered by Yamaha Italia, awarded to the winner who gets the highest number of votes from the public during the winner concert

  • Prize “Giuseppe Peretti in memoriam”, scholarship of € 400 offered by Famiglia Peretti to the winner of the Amadeus Competition

  • Prize “Spirito Armeno”, scholarship of € 200 for the best performance of an original piece by an Armenian composer

  • Free Masterclass by M° Alberto Nosè, offered by Accademia Amadeus

  • Premio Didattica awarded to the teacher with the highest number of prize winners