4th Amadeus Competition

Dogana Veneta, Lazise (VR)


The Amadeus Competition, conceived in 2019 by Accademia Amadeus in cooperation with the Municipality of Lazise, ​​gathers the thirty-year experience gained through the participation in music competitions, in particular piano competitions, of its founders: the pianists Valentina Fornari, Artistic Director of the Competition, and Alberto Nosè.

It is a professional international piano competition reserved for pianists from all over the world and of any nationality that aims to give an incentive and create an opportunity for growth not only musical but also human to young musicians who want to pursue a piano career through comparison, the desire to make music together and share a stage where they can express their talent and show their musical and artistic skills.

The Amadeus Competition includes two sections:

International Amadeus Piano Competition (IAPC), divided into six age categories up to 25 years old

Premio Amadeus (PA), consisting of a single category up to 35 years old

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The Amadeus Competition 2024 thanks the numerous sponsors for the financial and logistical support that makes the realization of this international piano competition possible: Municipality of Lazise, ​​UniCredit, Yamaha Italia, Associazione Abergatori, LAEL, Accademia Amadeus, Amadeus Web Channel, Amadeus Sound Project, Mezzano Romantica , Hotel Restaurant Sirena, Quellenhof Luxury Resort, Hotel Corte Valier, Residence Hotel Olympia, Scaramellini Distillery, Cantina F.lli Zanoni, Camping Village Du Parc, Valeggio Association for Europe, Spirito Armeno, Immobiliare Peschiera, Rudari Luigino Gift Items.

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